Depleted Uranium - Silent Genocide


Compiled by Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition - first published January 2003

Imagine if they started a nuclear war, and never even told you ...

Under a smokescreen of depleted media attention, an imperial American military carpets the homelands of its victims with toxic, radioactive nuclear waste, and wages wars whose devastating after effects will never end.
Depleted Uranium is truly a weapon of indefinite destruction, and the second Gulf War has spread even greater quantities of DU than the first one - this time over the whole of Iraq.

Table of Contents

1 - What is Depleted Uranium (DU) ?
2 - The Weaponisation and Commercialisation of DU
3 - The Hazards of DU
4 - The Cover-Up
5 - Effects of DU in Iraq
6 - Effects of DU in Yugoslavia
7 - Effects of DU in Afghanistan
8 - DU in the UK
9 - DU in the US
10 - Rough Guide to Radiation
A - Glossary of Terms
B - Further Reading

A - Glossary of Terms

(NB: It is best to keep this glossary open in a separate window while reading the report, as many acronyms are referenced without further explanation)
Avigolfe Independent association, representing French veterans suffering from Gulf War and Balkans syndromes
CADU Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (launched by Manchester CND in 1999)
CASI Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq - a Cambridge University society (DU page is here)
CCNR Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
CERRIE Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters - UK government body set up by COMARE in 2001, to re-evaluate the risk models for particle radiation
COMARE Committee On Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment - long-established UK government body, billed as offering independent expert advice
DOD US Dept of Defence - often loosely referred to in this report as the Pentagon (which is merely a part of the DOD)
DU Depleted Uranium
DUOB Depleted Uranium Oversight Board - supposedly independent body, set up in 2001 to oversee the UK's DU screening programme for veterans
ECRR European Committee on Radiation Risk - EU body set up in 1997, to re-evaluate health risks of low level radiation
Euratom European Atomic Energy Agency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (US government agency)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN agency)
FAS Federation of American Scientists
FDA Food and Drugs Administration (US government agency)
GVA Gulf Veterans Association (the association of British Gulf War vets)
GWS Gulf War Syndrome
Hansard Official reports of proceedings of the UK Parliament (House of Commons, House of Lords, Select Committees)
IAC International Action Centre (US human-rights campaigning group, founded in 1992 by Ramsey Clark - former US Attorney General)
IAEA International Atomic Energy Authority (this pro-nuclear lobby is a UN agency, the only one holding a mandate to promote a private-sector activity)
ICRP International Commission on Radiation Protection (self-appointed, business-backed nuclear industry lobby)
IICPH International Institute of Concern for Public Health (non-profit Canadian environmental health organisation, founded by Dr Rosalie Bertell)
Laka The Laka Foundation are Dutch anti-nuclear and anti-DU campaigners
LLRC Low Level Radiation Campaign (DU page is here) - co-founded by Dr Chris Busby in 1994
MOD UK Ministry of Defence
MTP Military Toxics Project (US campaigners against military pollution - DU page is here)
NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical
NBR Normal Background Radiation
NGVFA National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (an independent association of British Gulf War vets, existing primarily to support GWS sufferers)
NGWRC National Gulf War Resource Center (primary independent representative of US Gulf War veterans)
NRPB National Radiological Protection Board (UK government agency)
OSAGWI Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses (Pentagon agency, set up to "investigate" GWS)
POST The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (UK Parliamentary office)
RPHP The Radiation and Public Health Project
SI System Internationale (the modern "metric" system of weights and measures)
UKAEA UK Atomic Energy Authority (UK government agency - affiliated to IAEA)
UMRC Uranium Medical Research Centre - independent non-profit Canadian research body
UNEP UN Environmental Programme (UN agency)
VA Veterans Administration (Pentagon agency, handling veterans' general welfare)
WHO World Health Organisation (UN agency)
WISE World Information Service on Energy (Dutch anti-nuclear campaigners - DU page is here)


B - Further Reading

Additional websites:
  • ICBUW (International Coalition To Ban Uranium Weapons)
  • Yorkshire CND's DU page
  • VISIE Foundation's DU page
  • IDUST (International Depleted Uranium Study Team)
  • CCMEP (Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace) DU page
  • The Chugoku Shimbun (Hiroshima newspaper) DU page
  • IEER (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) factsheet
  • Swords to Plowshares (anti-war US veterans)
  • A 1996 paper on DU, by Dr Leonard Dietz (excellent 1-page overview, by an eminent nuclear expert)
  • A review of DU, by Sonali Kolhatkar
  • Guardian Special Report on DU
  • Canadian CBC TV's DU page

  • Books:
  • Depleted Uranium: Metal Of Dishonor by various authors - published by IAC, May 1997 (with companion video)
  • Discounted Casualties - The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium by Akira Tashiro - published by The Chugoku Shimbun, 2001
  • Uranium Projectiles - Severely Maimed Soldiers, Deformed Babies, Dying Children by Dr Siegwart Horst-Guenther - published by Ahriman-Verlag, 1995
  • Wings of Death by Dr Chris Busby - published by Green Audit, 1995
  • No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth by Dr Rosalie Bertell - published by The Women's Press, 1985

  • Audio/Visual:
  • The Fire This Time - Grant Wakefield's acclaimed Gulf War project - audio CD released in December 2002 (inspired by Ramsey Clark's book of the same name). See Big Issue review.
  • Hidden Wars of Desert Storm - award-winning Gulf War documentary (2000, 60 mins)
  • The Invisible War: Depleted Uranium And The Politics Of Radiation - made by Martin Meissonnier for French TV (Jan 2000, 64 mins - available in English).
  • Uranium - Magnus Isacsson's documentary on uranium mining in Canada, 1991
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